Fondation ressources
pour les enfants diabétiques
Company name development.
Redesign of visual identity.
Graphic standards manual.
Printed promotional material.
Interactive communications.
Website content creation.
Social network management.

The Fondation pour enfants diabétiques du Québec is an essential organization for diabetic children and their families in Quebec. It wanted to refresh and revitalize its image, and be closer to its clientele. By adding the word “ressource” to the foundation’s name, DG4 came up with the acronym “FRED”. Henceforth, FRED is the foundation’s young and friendly spokesperson, who discusses diabetes directly and simply, with a highly contemporary colour palette and tone.

This new brand image was then used in numerous print (corporate brochures, fundraising campaigns, promotional material) and interactive (newsletter, social network publications, web ads, etc.) projects. Our involvement in the promotion of the organization and its activities goes well beyond the business relationship, and demonstrates our willingness to make a difference.